Going back to school

After 10 years, I’m finally going back to college this fall.  Well, actually, I’d like to take a class this summer if I can put the money together for it.  Let me back up a little bit.

I’ve been working very hard to pay off or rehabilitate my federal student loans from my original attempt at college 10 years ago.  I don’t qualify for any federal financial aid or loans until those original loans are in good standing again.  I only have 3 more payments to complete that process.  So when I go back to school full time at the end of September, I’ll get financial aid again.

I’ve spent a lot of time researching my chosen career path and what classes I’ll need to complete at a community college before I transfer to a University to complete my bachelor’s degree.  I plan to study Social Work, and work towards getting a Master’s degree in that field.  The prerequisites I’ll need to complete are a psychology class, a sociology class, a basic science class with lab, and 4 credits of a second language at the 200-level (second year).  I’ll also take additional electives to stay in full time status and have 90-quarter hour credits by the end of the year.

Most of those prerequisites don’t worry me.  My only concern is the 200-level second language class.  I took Spanish in High School, but that was more than 10 years ago.  Practically speaking, Spanish or Russian would be the best choices for a second language, since these are the two most common languages in Oregon.  As I researched, I found that the community college I’m planning to attend offers a fast paced or condensed track that allows the student to complete the 100-level Spanish classes in 2 quarters instead of 3.  Since I already have a background in the language, and I’m trying to complete these classes in one school year, this seemed like the best option.  The 200-level classes have a 2-instead-of-3 track as well, so I’d be able to take all 4 classes in Fall, Winter, Spring and Summer.

But then the other night I was flipping through the community education catalogue for the community college and noticed that they offer a fast paced Spanish 1 course at a significantly lower cost than it would be for the normal credit-granting course.  This would allow me to “test into” a higher level of Spanish in the fall when I start taking for-credit classes, will give me a chance to ease back into academic life, and won’t affect my prerequisites (because it’s the 200-level class they’re looking for).  I have plenty of transfer elective credits from my first time around in college, so I’m not worried about meeting the 90 credit minimum.

The problem is that while the class and book are significantly less expensive than the regular class, it’s still $130 that I just don’t have.  It’s not vital that I take this class this summer, but it would certainly help me out a lot.  So I figured I’d set up a GoFundMe campaign and see if I could convince enough of my friends and family to chip in $5 or $10 so I can take the class.  I’m still working full time, but I was moved out of my leadership position faster than I expected when I let the company know that I would be going back to school in the fall.  I knew I wouldn’t be able to continue in a leadership role while going to school full time, and I thought I’d be proactive and let my work know well in advance.  The transition didn’t happen at all as I expected it to, so I find myself suddenly with fewer responsibilities on my plate and this beneficial opportunity in front of me.

I know I don’t really have any followers here, but here’s the link to the Go Fund Me page for the class I’d like to take: