Welcome to reeneejune designs!  My name is Rene Rice, and I’m currently developing a line of sophisticated plus size clothing that will be available soon.  This blog will have lots of information about the line of clothing I’m working on, when the line launches, new items as they’re added, and will link to my Etsy store so you can purchase any of the items that you’d like.

But I won’t just be talking about clothes.  I also talk about living as a fat person.  Regardless of whether you are trying to lose weight or not, I believe every person has a right to life their life free from harassment based on their appearance, race, gender, culture, identity, etc.  I strongly believe that we each have a right to live our lives as we wish, so long as it doesn’t interfere with someone else’s right to live as they wish.  I talk about those sorts of issues here, and do my best to be as inclusive as possible.  Respectful disagreement is welcome, attacking a person is not.

I started developing a clothing line because I was fed up with the options currently available to plus size women.  Too few options, too limited of selections, and too often, lines that don’t offer all of their items to their largest size.  And sizes above a 28W were even more limited, poor quality, and difficult to find.  My line is designed to encompass sizes between 18W and 44W.  I’m working hard to source quality materials, and each item is made by hand.  I have been sewing for more than 20 years, and I strive to make each garment as high quality as possible.


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