Here Comes the Rain

Well, it’s now truly September in Oregon.  Someone flipped the rain switch and we’ve gone from sunny to drizzly seemingly overnight. It is, of course, not nearly cool enough to warrant the wearing of a serious coat.  So today I got to give my first design for the new line a trial run.


Here’s the rain coat that I’ll have available on Etsy when the line launches soon.  The fabric is polyurethane laminate or PUL which means that while it’s waterproof, it’s also breathable to an extent.  And unlike those plastic-y rain slickers, it’s soft and quiet.  The same color and pattern will be one of the options, and I’ll have a couple of other colors and prints available as well, just in case bright pink isn’t your color.  🙂

One of the things that has always bothered me about buying clothes online is that while they give you a size chart to go by, if you don’t fit the sizes exactly, it was a crap shoot if a garment was going to fit you.  I’ve always had a “rack of doom” (very large breasts) which has made it difficult to buy tops and dresses that fit right for me.  My waist and hips might fit in the size chart, but my bust could be 2 or 3 sizes bigger or not even fit the size chart at all.  With all the garments I’m going to offer for sale, I’m going to make the finished garment measurements available to customers.  I want you to know ahead of time if you can order the size that matches 2 out of 3 measurements or if you need to order a size up or a size down.  This rain coat is a great example.  While this coat is roomy all the way around, the sleeves are just barely the right length.  If I were any taller or my arms any longer, it wouldn’t work.  When this coat goes on sale, you’ll have a size chart to guide you, then the measurements at all the key points.  If you need longer sleeves, no problem… there will be a place to leave a note when you place your order and I’ll take care of it for you.


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