When discrimination hits the news

Twice in recent months a story of fat hate and discrimination has hit the news in my state.  While some might argue long and loud about how bad it is that people are being discriminated against and attacked in the street.  I agree with that completely.  But I’d also like to make the point that the very fact that it’s making the news is a small, positive step in our society.

First the story: (be aware that some of the comments are dismissive of the girl’s experience, even going so far as to say she was lying in order to get money for school clothes) http://www.kezi.com/girl-complains-of-weight-discrimination/

Now hear me out.  Here’s the logic.  Discriminating against fat people has reached a level where, at least on the surface, the public is beginning to disapprove of it.  I think that ending this social stigma will happen as a process rather than an overnight change.  We need stories like this one to make the news so that those people who dismiss this as an “obvious” lie begin to see that it is not an isolated incident nor are the people having these experiences lying.  To paraphrase a popular adage, we as a country can not begin to solve our social stigma problems until we admit that we do have a problem.


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