Celebrating Labor Day by….working

It may seem counter-intuitive, especially to those who have heard me whine about the unfairness of working on Labor Day in the past, but this year I’m celebrating Labor Day by working.  I lost my job in sales at the beginning of July.  I’m not much of a sales person, so I wasn’t terribly shocked when they let me go.  Since then I’ve been doing some job searching and soul searching and decided to use my time to take the plunge and make a go of staring a plus size clothing business again.

Last summer I was involved in a project with several other women trying to launch a plus size athletic clothing business called “Flying Pig Apparel”.  We got a lot of things right, could have spent more time on other things, and overall learned quite a bit in the process.  The other ladies have all since moved on to other things, but I never really let go of the concept.  So with the things I learned last summer, I’m in the very early stages of development for a new line of plus size clothing for women.

Right now I’m working on a business plan and developing the first designs that will be available.  There will be more to come over the next few weeks, but today felt like the right time to introduce the idea.  After all, very few things would motivate me to work on a holiday.  I can’t wait to show you what I’m working on, but not just yet. 🙂


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