The Great Closet Cleanse

Like many women, I had things lurking in my closet or drawers that I was hanging on to because I had worn them a few times, many years ago, and hoped that I would eventually be able to wear again.  I, like many larger size women, also had a rather vast collection of things that just didn’t really fit very well or weren’t really my taste that I was hanging on to because I wear them every 6 months or year or so only to realize how much I dislike them and resign them to the back of the closet again.  And I also have a small collection of things I genuinely like but that I have worn until they are barely hanging on by a thread.

I’ve been sewing some new things for myself, things that I like and that fit correctly, and that I enjoy.  It was time.  I purged my closet and dresser of all of those things that I simply never wear.  And it’s a little shocking to look at what my functional clothing collection actually looks like.  It’s tiny.  And just begs to be added to.  I’m sewing more, and I know I need to purchase some things as well.  My undergarments, for example, are quite alarmingly small in number.  I barely have enough to get through a week before I MUST do laundry again.  And some of those really need to go away too.

I’ve also got a few peices that are really nice, things I made for myself, but that I just can’t bring myself to donate.  Like a silk sleeveless blouse I made about 2 years ago.  It’s just a smidge too small through the bust for me, and it’s too short for me to wear comfortably.  I’ve been tossing around the idea of making some things to sell on Etsy, and I think these few things will probably find their way to etsy too.

I’m slowly working through everything I have, and getting organized and better set up to sew as a business.  It’s a tough process, but it needs to be done.  The system I have now just isn’t functional.  And system is quite a generous description.  It’s more like “everything thrown haphazardly into the closet, under the bed, and into two boxes at the end of the bed”.  See, not working.  I’ve also got an entire box full of projects that are in various stages of completion that I just need to bust through and get done.  Another thing to work on.


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